Pedro The Canoeist, a pioneer in Ibera

Together with my Family, the Madariaga and the Noailles, generation after generation since 1799 we built a history in the Ibera Wetlands.

In the 90s we entered the world of ECOTOURISM in the Iberá Wetlands, being pioneers in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, with the first hotel construction near the Iberá Lake.

In 2006, we decided to move to Uguay, near the Fernández Lake.

We bought land bordering the Wetlands, to create the Guasú-kua Private Natural Reserve, within which the Posada Uguay was built with the purpose of showing the Iberá Wetlands in an exclusive and non-invasive way.

We are once more pioneers in this area, accessing through our own channel to the Fernández lake in the heart of the Iberá Wetlands, wild and pristine. Our guests experience the real feeling of being part of nature.

We look forward to sharing a new adventure with you!

Pedro Andrés Noailles


Guasú Kua

The purpose of this reserve is to contribute to the recovery and conservation of biodiversity of the Ibera Wetlands eco-region.

In addition, its mission is to raise awareness among the local residents of the Uguay Area about the importance of caring and preserving the environment.

Part of the income of Posada Uguay is destined to the maintenance of the Reserve.

In its 60 hectares, it contains 4 different landscapes: “espinillo” forest; grasslands, gallery forest and estuary.

Natural trails were created in each landscape to explore and observe all the native flora and fauna.

There is a 15-meter-high viewpoint from where you can appreciate the immensity of the wetland and the water mirror of the Fernández Lake, as well as a 100-meter-long walkway through the estuary that reaches the dock, from where you can take a boat ride or kayak along the canal towards the lake.